“When Tom and Stacey had the worst thing that can happen to a parent- happen to them- they didn’t run or hide.  They dove back in and created something very special that honors their son and helps families survive membership in a club none of them wanted to be a part of.  It’s an amazing story”.
– Steve Cochran, WGN Radio


“Tom Sutter holds nothing back here. His raw candor tells us all the way life really is in straight terms that many are too timid to use in our politically correct world. And he touches on virtually every topic; from business, to religion, to politics and parenting.”
– Ben Gay III, The Closers


“This is the kind of story – of both tragedy and triumph – of the human spirit that will touch your heart and soul. Tom’s story holds nothing back and his vulnerability in every step of his journey is both rare and priceless.”
– Mike Muhney, CEO & Co-Founder VIPorbit Software Int’l, Inc.


“This book will make you laugh, make you cry, and inspire you-all at the same time. Tom pulls back the curtain on how he transformed himself personally, professionally, and also how he turned an unimaginable tragedy into an amazing foundation that touches the lives of thousands of people every year.”
– Dave “The Shef” Sheffield, Top Requested Motivational Speaker and Author


“I think about Tom Sutter a lot. Mostly, when I look at my wife- someone who’s dealt with chronic, debilitating health issues as long as I’ve known her. I can’t even imagine her health deteriorating to the point where I lost her. It’s too much. Hell, my dog turns 9 years old soon, and the thought of losing her destroys me. How could I ever bear the hurt of losing a child?

And that’s often when I think of Tom. How does he not only carry on, but thrive? How is he able to stay so close to the very thing that took his boy? Why isn’t he angry? Why isn’t he selfish?

If you know Tom, well, the answer is pretty clear. Because he’s a man of character; he’s a man who refuses to lie down; and he’s a man who refuses to let others go through what he and his family did, and not try to help them.

That’s what Tom Sutter is. This book details the why and the how. Much like Cal’s Angels started in his living room with a handful of people, Tom’s personal journey to the man he is now had humble beginnings, and was born of struggle. But also like Cal’s, it’s a success story, and a lesson to anyone who’s been knocked flat by life. You can get back up again.”
– Pat Tomasulo, Sports Anchor and Reporter for WGN-TV Chicago


“Tom’s story is a great example of how a father’s love perserveres through even the darkest of times. While fighting for the life of his son Cal which he eventually lost; at the same time trying to keep his family together through these challenging times Tom and Stacey were able to take this bitterness and turn it in to a positive experience through their commitment to make it a better world.”
– Joe Zulanas